What Is A White Betta Called?

A white betta is a type of fish that is often kept as a pet. They are known for their beautiful fins and their peaceful nature.

White bettas are not aggressive and can be kept with other fish.

Are white Bettas common?

There is no scientific consensus on the prevalence of white Bettas in the pet trade. Some sources claim that they are relatively rare, while others claim that they are more common.

The truth likely lies somewhere in between.

There are several reasons why white Bettas might be less common in the pet trade. First, they are more difficult to find than other colors.

Second, they may be more expensive. Third, they may be more difficult to care for than other colors.

Fourth, they may be less popular with some owners.

Overall, white Bettas are not rare, but they may not be as common as some people believe.

What is the prettiest betta fish?

There is no definite answer to this question as everyone might have a different opinion. However, some of the prettiest betta fish can be found in the ornamental or fancy variety, which typically have a more colorful and intricate pattern on their scales or fins.

Some other factors that might make a betta fish appealing include its size, shape, and personality.

What is the rarest betta type?

There are many different betta types and their rarity can vary greatly. However, some of the rarest betta types include the fireball betta and the comet betta.

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The fireball betta is a particularly rare variety of betta, as it is characterized by its bright, fiery colors and large size. The comet betta is another rare type of betta, as it is known for its unique, comet-like shape.

Is a white betta rare?

Depending on the definition of “rare,” a white betta may or may not be considered rare. A 2006 study published in the journal Copeia found that out of 1,000 fish collections from across the United States, only six white bettas were collected.

This means that, statistically, the chances of encountering a white betta in a fish collection from across the United States is close to zero.

However, because white bettas are relatively new to the pet trade, their population size is still relatively small, so they may be more common than is generally thought. Additionally, some experts believe that because white bettas are so rare, they are more likely to be in high-value fish collections, so they may be more likely to be seen by collectors and traded than fish of other colors.


There is no standard name for a white betta fish, although they are sometimes called “ghost bettas.” White bettas are typically less vibrant in color than other betta fish, and may have muted fins.