What Is A Butterfly Betta?

A butterfly betta is a type of fish that is known for its beautiful colors and patterns. These fish are native to Southeast Asia and are popular pets in many parts of the world.

Butterfly bettas are typically peaceful and can be kept with other fish, although they may be aggressive towards other bettas.

How much does a Butterfly Betta cost?

A Butterfly Betta costs around $10-$15.

What is the rarest betta type?

There are many different types of bettas, but the rarest betta type is the Siamese fighting fish.

How long do butterfly bettas live?

Butterfly bettas typically live for six to eight years. They can live longer if they are kept in good health and have access to a good water source.

What is the prettiest betta fish?

Beauty is subjective. However, some popular betta fish that are considered to be beautiful include the Siamese Fighting fish, the Betta splendens, and the Betta latifasciata.


A butterfly betta is a type of fish that is characterized by its long, flowing fins. Butterfly bettas are popular among fish enthusiasts due to their unique appearance.

While they are typically peaceful fish, they can be aggressive towards other fish with similar finnage. Butterfly bettas are native to Southeast Asia and require warm water to thrive.