How Much Is A Rose Tail Betta?

A rose tail betta is a type of fish that is native to Southeast Asia. They are known for their long, flowing fins and their bright colors.

Rose tail bettas are popular pets, and they are often bred for their beauty.

What is a rose tail betta?

A rose tail betta (Pseudophalectrus roseus) is a small tropical fish that is commonly kept in home aquaria. It is often considered a beginner fish because of its easy care and small size.

Rose tail bettas are native to the Amazon River and its tributaries and are considered an endangered species in the wild.

Rose tail bettas are typically a yellow or cream color with a rose-colored tail. They are typically about 2 inches long and are very active fish that like to swim and explore their surroundings.

They are also known for their “winking” behavior where they will open and close their eyes rapidly.

Because of its popularity, rose tail bettas are subject to overfishing and are considered an endangered species in the wild. You can help protect rose tail bettas by not keeping too many of them in your aquarium and by purchasing them only from reputable dealers.

Are Rose tail Betta fish rare?

There is no comprehensive answer to this question as it largely depends on the location where the Rose Tail Betta fish is found. However, according to the FAO, the Rose Tail Betta fish is not currently considered to be a rare species.

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How much does a pink Betta fish cost?

Typically, a pink betta fish costs around $5-$10. However, prices fluctuate depending on the location, size, and condition of the fish.

How much do bettas sell for?

Bettas are a popular fish in the pet trade and generally sell for between $5 and $30. Prices vary depending on the quality of the fish and the location from which it is purchased.


A Rose tail betta typically costs around $15. However, the price can range from $10 to $20 depending on the specific fish. Rose tail bettas are a type of fish that have long fins and tails that can range in color from light pink to dark red.