Are White Bettas Rare?

Betta fish are a species of freshwater fish that are native to Southeast Asia. They are known for their bright colors and long fins, and are a popular choice for aquariums and fish bowls.

Bettas come in a variety of colors, including white. While white Bettas are not as common as other colors, they are still available and can make beautiful additions to any fish tank.

Are white Bettas common?

It depends on the location and population of white Bettas in question. However, it is generally accepted that white Bettas are not as common as other colors of Bettas.

This may be due to their rarity in captivity or their preference for cooler water temperatures.

What is the rarest betta fish color?

It largely depends on the geographic location where the betta fish is located. In general, however, betta fish colors can range from light to dark, with the most rare colors being light green, light blue, light yellow, light orange, and light pink.

What is the rarest betta color?

The color of a betta fish can vary tremendously. However, some of the more rare betta colors include light green, lavender, and platinum.

What is the rarest betta fish?

The betta fish is the most common fish kept in captivity. Other species that may be considered rarer fish include the guppy, the platyfish, and the cichlid.

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Some of the reasons that some fish may be considered rarer are that they are less common in the wild, they are more difficult to keep in captivity, or they are more expensive to purchase.

How much does a white betta fish cost?

A white betta fish costs $3-$5 per fish.


No, white Bettas are not rare. In fact, they are one of the most popular color variants of Betta fish.

White Bettas have a clean, crisp look that many aquarists find appealing. While they are not officially classified as a separate color variety by the International Betta Congress (IBC), they are still widely available and sought after by fishkeepers.