Are Blue Mustard Bettas Rare?

Betta splendens, also known as the Siamese fighting fish, is a popular freshwater aquarium fish. The blue mustard betta is a variety of B. splendens that is characterized by its blue coloration.

While not as common as some other betta colors, blue mustard bettas are not particularly rare.

What is the rarest color fish?

It depends on which fish species and which color category they fall into. However, some of the rarest fish colors include blue, pink, yellow, and silver.

What color betta is the rarest?

The betta fish is a popular fish in the pet trade. There are many different types of betta fish available in the pet trade, but the rarest betta fish is the golden betta.

There are a few reasons why the golden betta is rare. One reason is that the golden betta is a hardy fish and can survive in a variety of different water conditions.

Another reason is that the golden betta is a relatively new fish in the pet trade and not many people have them.

What is the rarest betta type?

There are many types of bettas, but the rarest betta type is the Betta splendens. This betta is a rare variation of the common betta fish and is only found in a few locations in Southeast Asia.

What breed is a mustard gas betta?

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The betta fish is a tropical fish that is commonly known as a “mustard” fish. The betta fish is a popular choice for fish keepers because it is a hardy fish that does well in a variety of water conditions.

Some common betta fish varieties include the Siamese fighting fish, the Siamese comet, the golden marble, and the tiger barbs.


No, blue mustard bettas are not rare. They are a popular color variety of the Betta fish, and many pet stores carry them.

Blue mustard bettas are a beautiful color and make great pets.